Motorsports Products

Competitive Motorsport Solutions

We can help you find the perfect motorsport accessories and tyres that are ideally suited for many terrains and uses.

Motorsport Brands

For high performing safety devices and accessories

Fire & Safety Products

We offer our clients a range of on-board fire suppression systems

Motorsport Accessories

Repair Kits

Our stock includes motorcycle and motorsports fairings and repair kits for car parts and ATV vehicles.

Fuel Cells

We can present you with a selection of FIA-approved fuel cells for both amateur and professional motorsport drivers.

Motorsport Safety

Seat belt

Seat Belts

We hold a selection of seat belts and harnesses designed to keep you safe using both cam locks or latch and link systems.


HANS devices

Our HANS devices are designed to keep your head and neck safe when racing. They can avoid injuries in the event of a crash.



We hold an array of protective headgear made from carbon fibre and other strong materials designed to protect the wearer’s head.



The range of protective clothing such as racing shoes, protective suits, gloves and underwear for added protection.

Enhanced Performance
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